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Advancing Global Harvard

We must be unsurpassed in our global reach and impact, as well as in the integration of global perspectives into our research and teaching. Harvard students and faculty must understand their fields and their lives within a global context, enriched by the content of the curriculum, the cosmopolitan environment of the campus, and the opportunities available for significant international study, research, and engagement.

Stories of Impact

Roman history, trowel by trowel

Harvard undergrad Matthew DeShaw immerses himself in ancient world during summer dig.

Progress against TB in Peru

The Peruvian branch of Harvard-supported Partners In Health has helped reduce deaths through careful protocols.

Innovation and immersion overseas

Grants from the President’s Innovation Fund for International Experiences help faculty shape more study-abroad opportunities.

From Mexico to Harvard, and Back

Graduates return home to help a complex nation solve its problems, improve its people’s lives.

Cheap and compact medical testing

Harvard researchers develop a simple detector that could be used worldwide.

Making a difference one grain at a time

Students at the Harvard Kennedy School are benefiting two countries with a single grain.

Rewarding restlessness

Michael Rockefeller fellowships give graduates a year of adventure.

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