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Advancing Meaning, Values, and Creativity

We must exemplify the centrality of meaning, values, and creativity in the mission of the research university. Building on its nearly four centuries of rigorous intellectual inquiry, Harvard must embrace these purposes in new ways. In all it undertakes, Harvard must reinforce the significance of transcending the immediate and instrumental to explore and understand what humans have thought, done, and been, and thus to imagine where they might best seek to go.

Aspiration in Action

The Art of Learning and Teaching

The approximately 250,000 works of art in the newly reopened Harvard Art Museums’ collections are readily available online, but now Harvard students, faculty, and the general public can study the works more closely in the Art Study Center.

International Bridges to Justice: Where Change Begins

The experiences Karen Tse MDiv ’00 had at Harvard Divinity School inspired her to found International Bridges to Justice, a nongovernmental organization that works to enforce due process rights and eliminate torture around the world.

Sharing Our Treasures

Harvard’s library system constitutes one of the world’s richest depositories of human culture, with holdings rangings from third-century BC Greek language papyri to reel-to-reel tapes of Joan Baez playing in Harvard Square.

Footnotes To Footlights

The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) is one of the country’s premier theater companies, producing Tony Award–winning shows and catalyzing discourse, interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative exchange among a wide range of students, faculty, and artists.

Learning From Luminaries

The flourishing visiting artist programs across the University give students and faculty opportunities to interact with luminaries from stage, concert hall, screen, and studio.

Designing a Better World

The studio method of teaching is at the center of design and planning education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and option studios afford students a chance to work with real-world clients on complex design problems—often under the tutelage of industry leaders.

Forgotten Jewish Fighters

Stories of patriotism, revenge, and profound loss abound in Pusey Library exhibit.

Ghosts in the Machines

The history of the digital revolution touches our hearts and heads, says Walter Isaacson AB ’74.

Ways to Support

To achieve our aspirations, Harvard will build on strengths across the University. There have never been more great ideas, great thinkers, or great opportunities worthy of your support. Below are just a few examples.

Digital Arts and Creativity

Underwrite the development of innovative new approaches to arts-making and creativity using state-of-the-art digital equipment and facilities.


Create an Arts Lectureship to bring practicing artists to campus for short-term teaching and mentoring.


Underwrite the newly established undergraduate Architecture Studies track, a collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Design.

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

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