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Faculty and Our Scholarly Enterprise

The University brings together the brightest minds across an unparalleled landscape of disciplines, with unrivaled resources and the freedom to explore fearlessly, think creatively, and act boldly.

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Jorie Graham leads a poetry class.

Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Jorie Graham, the Boylston Professor of Oratory and Rhetoric, leads a poetry class. Photo credit: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

Our unique approach to teaching, learning, and research—with a commitment to truth and excellence—makes Harvard a premier source of innovation, ideas, and leadership.

Now, a digital, globalizing, fast-moving world is demanding we do more. The Harvard Campaign for Arts and Sciences will support and strengthen Harvard as a place of discovery unlike any other, where dynamic thinkers and problem solvers will connect, collaborate, and lead change well into the 21st century.

Our faculty and graduate students—our human capital—are the heart of Harvard’s strength as a source of ideas and innovative thinking. Faculty members create new understanding, collaborate across disciplines to unlock new fields, and train scores of future leaders in the process. As engines of research and the world’s future thought leaders, our graduate students are equally critical to investigating ideas and fueling breakthroughs.

by the numbersWith more than two million citations over the past 10 years, Harvard’s faculty are more widely cited than peers, according to Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science

This context forms a truly unique learning environment for students at Harvard College. We attract the very best students, who come to Harvard to learn from remarkable mentors. Our undergraduates are full, active participants in their education, working alongside preeminent faculty and graduate students in the creation of ideas. Frequently, these young scholars inspire even the most established professors to view their work through a fresh lens and pursue new directions. Ultimately, a Harvard education prepares students for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and pursuit. No matter their career paths, our students are educated to lead in thought and action, and they do—with positive impact in every part of the world.

With Harvard, I can literally change the world in a profound way for the better.

— Daniel Nocera, Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy

Sustaining this remarkable environment requires significant support and ongoing investment.

This campaign will provide support in the form of professorships for existing faculty, research fellowships for our tenure-track and newly tenured professors to support growth into emerging fields, and graduate fellowships. In addition, the Campaign will leverage the collective talents and ambitions of these extraordinary scholars to support a wide range of academic programs, such as theater and performance, the digital humanities, the foundations of human behavior, energy and the environment, and quantum science, as well as our efforts to extend research and discovery through the deployment of “big data” through our Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences—to name just a few.

At a time of accelerating change, it is more important than ever that we work together to power a dynamic Harvard to continued leadership and impact in the world.

Priority Stories

Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science Director Gary King Oct 13, 2015

Big Data, Massive Potential

Programs and researchers are mining vast quantities of computerized information, sometimes revolutionizing their fields in the process.
Daniel Nocera May 22, 2015

Unlocking the Chemistry of Green Plants

Nocera brings the notion of an "artifical leaf" into practice.
Adam Cohen ’01 Jul 15, 2014

Viewing Neurons

New tool allows researchers to stimulate neurons and observe signals in real time.
Mahzarin R. Banaji Jun 20, 2014

Five Named Harvard College Professors

Annual honors recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Giving Opportunities

When you choose to support Faculty and Our Scholarly Enterprise at Harvard, your gift helps Harvard sustain its broad excellence, support its esteemed faculty and graduate students, and expand into important new areas of inquiry.

  • Professorships


    Professorships support the extraordinary research and teaching of leading Harvard faculty who are shaping the frontiers of knowledge around the globe.

  • Faculty Research and Support Fellowships

    Faculty Research and Support Fellowships

    Faculty research and support fellowships underpin the research, teaching, and other costs associated with tenure-track and newly tenured faculty during the crucial early stages of their careers.

  • Graduate Student Fellowships

    Graduate Student Fellowships

    Graduate student fellowships support students in the critical first and second years of their doctoral programs. Fellowships represent early investment in the future of academic teaching and research.

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