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President’s Message

We undertake The Harvard Campaign at a moment when higher education is being challenged to reinvent itself, and we welcome the opportunity for a campaign that aims to do more than merely extend or reinforce long-standing strength and eminence. The Harvard Campaign calls upon us to articulate and affirm the fundamental values and purposes of higher education in the rapidly changing environment of a global and digital world—a world filled with promise for improving human lives, a world in which talent recognizes no boundaries, a world in which creativity and curiosity will fuel the future. The Harvard Campaign is designed to embrace that future and to ensure Harvard’s leadership as it approaches its fifth century of education and inquiry in the pursuit of enduring truth.

Dedicated to discovering knowledge and to educating leaders, Harvard must itself be a leader in shaping not only the future of education and ideas but also the ways in which they can make the most powerful and positive difference in the world. What commitments must we make now to meet this future and uphold these values in the years ahead?

  • We must harness the power of One Harvard to advance discovery and learning across fields, disciplines, and our broad range of Schools to change knowledge and to change the world. Students and faculty must be enabled to draw easily on Harvard’s widely distributed strengths as they explore answers to intellectual questions, both enduring and new, and seek solutions to society’s most consequential problems.
  • We must pioneer new approaches to learning and teaching that build on the transformative potential of a digital age, as well as emerging insights into human behavior and the human brain. In Cambridge and Boston and in our connections with the wider world, we must seek to set a standard for innovation in pedagogy and commit to its advance.
  • We must be unsurpassed in our global reach and impact, as well as in the integration of global perspectives into our research and teaching. Harvard students and faculty must understand their fields and their lives within a global context, enriched by the content of the curriculum, the cosmopolitan environment of the campus, and the opportunities available for significant international study, research, and engagement.
  • We must exemplify the centrality of meaning, values, and creativity in the mission of the research university. Building on its nearly four centuries of rigorous intellectual inquiry, Harvard must embrace these purposes in new ways. In all it undertakes, Harvard must reinforce the significance of transcending the immediate and instrumental to explore and understand what humans have thought, done, and been, and thus to imagine where they might best seek to go.
  • We must offer more prominence to innovation and hands-on discovery inherent in engineering, the arts, and design, as well as to experiential learning beyond the classroom. These are all critical components of thinking and knowing.
  • We must attract and support the most talented students and faculty and provide them with the resources to do their best work. We must sustain the remarkable community of researchers, teachers, and learners, who are the heart and the engine of all we aspire to be and to do.
  • We must create a campus for the decades to come, the physical environment to fulfill our ambitions and goals. It must provide the common spaces to embody the intellectual and programmatic vision of One Harvard. This must include development of spaces in Allston to enhance new cross-University collaborations and new connections among the University, the surrounding community, and new partners in industry and research. At a time when universities are being asked to reexamine the logic of physical campuses, Harvard must pursue renewed uses and purposes for undergraduate Houses, for shared campus facilities, and for transformed classroom and library spaces.

Knowledge has never been more important to the future of individuals and societies. The world’s challenges have never been more pressing, more complex, or more shared. There has never been a greater need for the leaders Harvard seeks to educate and support. Universities are unique in their commitment to the long term, to uniting the wisdom of the past with the urgency of the present and the promise of the future. Their contributions have never mattered more. We are committed to mobilizing Harvard’s intellectual, human, and financial resources to fully realize that promise. We invite you to join the Harvard community across the University, the nation, and the world in The Harvard Campaign. 

President Faust's Signature

Drew Gilpin Faust
President of Harvard University and Lincoln Professor of History

Drew Gilpin Faust

Drew Gilpin Faust

President of Harvard University and Lincoln Professor of History